Leadership development for the new ways of work

Modernize your leadership development programs.


Young managers and high potentials are actively in demand to advance and transform their organizations from within. New leadership styles focusing on soft skills are required for the new ways of work. CoachHub offers on-demand, location-independent digital coaching and eLearning to meet the demands of today’s workforce.

77% of top managers report soft skills as biggest weakness despite training.

85% of top managers who receive coaching perform better than their peers in soft skills.

80% of coachees agree they have gained competencies useful for their profession.

27% increase in profits for companies who develop soft skills.

Navigating uncertainty

Build organizational resilience for today and tomorrow.

Leaders often feel stuck when faced with unexpected change or disruption. It’s important to stay confident and to embrace unfamiliarity. Relationships are the currency of influence in any workplace and employees will rally behind a leader when there’s a shared sense of purpose.  CoachHub helps teams succeed in the face of disruption and volatility.

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Business transformation & agile workforces

Business transformation starts with your people.


Most agile transformations fail due to poor people management skills, different management styles and middle management (USC, 2020). CoachHub can complement the mix of agile coaches & workshops and can create sub pools of experienced transformation coaches.

84% of transformations fail due to people reasons (McKinsey, 2019). New values, ways of working and ways of thinking are activated by ongoing reflection and development through individual coaching,  which are needed in the (digital/agile) transformation.

256% return on Investment for companies who invest in resilience and agility.

91% success rate of the transformation of teams where managers were coached in a 1:1 setting (compared to 30% success rate where no 1:1 coaching was received).

2x increase in effectiveness when using coaching (over alternative eLearning formats) to lead an agile culture transformation.

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