How it works

Discover your strengths and set goals:
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Discover your strengths and set goals:

Based on our holistic coaching framework we help you to determine focus areas and targets that you want to work. That provides you the opportunity to choose whether you want to strengthen your strengths and/or weaken your weaknesses. Your coach guides you through the process and supports you with clarifying concrete and attainable objectives.

Reflect, explore and learn new things every day:
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Reflect, explore and learn new things every day:

During your one on one video calls with your coach you work on concrete challenges and situations from your daily work. Your coach will help you to change perspectives, activate your resources and find new solutions. Accompanying microtasks help you apply your new insights directly into work situations.

Track your development and celebrate successes:
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Track your development and celebrate successes:

Over time you will recognise changes in your behaviour and the way of perceiving your surrounding. This is not only just a rough feeling you can actually track your personal progression over time in the app. Based on continuous assessments and feedback you can monitor your own growth and track how close you are to reaching set goals.

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HR Management

Through the management dashboard you can see the progress and development of your coaching programmes and the success of your investment. Here you can easily add new participants, extend development programs and get to know the coaches supporting your organisation. Employee feedback, satisfaction and organisational strengths can be monitored through the board as well as the degree of target achievement and development priorities. Admin functions such as centralised billing, communication material and templates or contracting are all taken care of in one place

Coaching Process

Every company is different and utilises coaching in different contexts. We customise the implementation together with you.
Together we design a coaching curriculum, tailored to your organisational needs that facilitates unique learning experiences
Coachee nomination
You choose who participates and becomes an ambassador for coaching throughout your organisation.
Get access
We help you to create excitement within your organization and to prepare your employees for their coaching journey.
Participants get access, evaluate their priorities, find their perfect coach and set clear and measurable goals.
Coachees self-manage their regular video sessions, track their progress through milestones and develop themselves with hands-on exercises.
Monitor the success of your coaching programmes with insights from your dashboard about what are focus topics and how is the development over time.

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