Performance and engagement

Upgrade outdated learning formats to create high performing teams.


Companies that can foster a growth mindset (the use of stretch assignments and openly discussing mistakes to support learning) and embrace the digital transformation of learning and development, significantly increase their performance and are 3x times more profitable.

70% of coachees report improved work performance.

96% of coachees are highly engaged (compared to 30% of employees who are engaged with current eLearning platforms).

88% of coachees report goal attainment through CoachHub (compared to classroom training where only 15% of employees report an increase in performance and attainment).

4x higher earnings per share growth rate for companies with highly engaged workforces.

Talent development

Modernize your L&D portfolio to drive business results.


Many of our clients integrate CoachHub as a crucial part of their development programs as a way to offer participants the possibility to reflect, with a neutral professional, on how to implement the standard modules into their own context. 

To ensure the sustainability/transfer of learning, CoachHub is also offered as a follow-up to current programs as that’s when employees are by themselves and need the individual support. 

83% of coachees have learned and grown significantly through the coaching.

80% of coachees have learned new competencies useful for their profession.

95% of CoachHub clients would use their education budget to continue using CoachHub.

24% higher profit margin for companies who invest in talent development.

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