Overview of our Focus Industries

Coaching is a key lever to drive people development and enhance transformation of your business across all industries. Below is an overview of some of our focus industries.
The automotive industry is constantly facing new challenges, primarily through ever stricter political and environmental regulations. One of its greatest challenges is not to lose sight of customer interests, but also to offer the greatest scope for development.
Consumer Goods
In addition to a much stronger bond between consumers and products, branding and loyalty are becoming increasingly important. The consumer goods industry is in need of adapting accordingly with the times, integrating emerging trends and confirming market value.
Global energy demand has increased and requires greater flexibility on the part of major energy suppliers. Increasingly stringent regulatory requirements are one of the core challenges here as well, inviting global players to rethink their approach.
Fashion and Lifestyle
For the fashion and lifestyle industry, almost every imaginable challenge is a reality. From the increasing demand for more and more integration into the current trend landscape to the optimization of distribution, almost every topic is now relevant.
Financial Services
The financial sector is one of the areas most impacted by the advanced technology. On one hand, the digital world allows an enormous expansion of the existing application possibilities, but also brings with it numerous challenges in terms of data security.
Industrial Goods
Innovation is one of the driving forces behind manufacturing and large-scale industry. As global demand changes, markets evaporate and new ones emerge. Because of this, more and more new areas for growing B2B companies emerge and influence the dynamics.
Media and Entertainment
The media and entertainment industry is changing rapidly, from the emerging reach of social media to the growing popularity of influencers. Broadcasters and media companies who are aware of this dynamic and can react well to the new zeitgeist will benefit from it.
The speed of change in the retail sector is stimulated by the digital changeover and requires maximum flexibility. Especially product reviews and online comparisons are becoming more present and offer customers more variety in selection.
In today's highly digitally networked society, technology is driving all major changes. At the same time, it opens up new possibilities and enables rapid development in line with the times. But as this development entails new challenges, new ways of adapting are called for.
Travel and Hospitality
Travel providers and companies today face immense competition, driven by market oversaturation and an increasingly fragmented market. The flow of information requested by customers through all available channels is another challenge facing the industry.
Consulting and Services
In addition to professional consultants, other professional groups are also increasingly active in advisory roles and represent additional competition for the sector. A stronger focus on internal consulting will expand the scope of action further.
Environment and Sustainability
Above all, efforts to strengthen the global environment as well as a policy focused on sustainability are the core challenges of today. A balance must be met between customer demands and increased political regulation.
Pharma and Health
Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies are among the most strongly analyzed corporate groups today. The emergence of new and competing approaches in particular makes it one of the major challenges facing industry to keep pace with this rapid development.
Real Estate and Construction
The construction and real estate industries are becoming an increasingly powerful catalyst for the implementation of new technologies. Between young start-ups and established companies, interactive formats are emerging that are conducive to rapid development.

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