Your coaching journey

Business Coaching is a customized 1:1 experience focused on growth and learning. Your coach will accompany and guide you through the three phases that are essential for sustainable growth and development based on current research.

Identify your personal focus areas with a coaching assessment and reflect on goals you want to set for your coaching journey.
Share your coach expectations and preferences. Based on these, we suggest you three coaches and you take your pick.
Prepare your first session by reflecting on your coaching goals and getting feedback from your manager or colleagues.
Kick off session
Start your coaching with our integrated video solution. Refine your coaching goals with your coach and decide on milestones, exercises and micro-learnings.
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Together with your coach reflect on personal achievements alongside planning for continuous future development.
Track progress
Regularly assess progress in your focus areas. Check off tasks and activities as completed while setting new ones as you go.
Become fully immersed in the coaching process in order to achieve the best results. Carry out exercises and tasks in between sessions.

What our coachees say

I was pretty skeptical in the beginning, I thought I maybe wouldn't be able to open up, but now its going really well, starting to be really chatty, good rapport with her, she gave me some tools and a lot of content.
Manager, Movinga
CoachHub matched me with a fantastic coach. Julia has a wealth of experience to share. Throughout our sessions, she gave me tools and techniques I could use to solve specific difficult management situations, as well as career advice when I needed it. It's great to get an outside perspective on certain problems, and it's sometimes helpful to ask someone who's not your direct manager for advice.
Vincent G., SoundCloud
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Certified top

All our coaches are certified, have more than six years of coaching experience and have been personally selected by us. Only 5% of applicants pass our strict quality criteria and our Al-based algorithm then matches our coaches with the requirements of your high-potentials.

A look inside

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Regular coaching sessions with a top business coach.

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Enhance sessions by choosing from an extensive library of micro-learnings to complete between sessions

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Chat with your coach 24/7 in-app

We support you

Margarita - Customer Support
Margarita - Customer Support
I am the extra hand you might need during your coaching adventure. Do not hesitate to contact me to share your thoughts or ask any questions.
Evelyn - Customer Support Specialist
Evelyn - Customer Support Specialist
I am here to support you with any issues or concerns you might face during your coaching journey. I am a very curious person looking forward to receive your feedback and help you with whatever challenge you might encounter.
Coachee Support Team
Allow yourself to think big! Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.
Coachee Support Team
Coachee Support Team
We basically said have fun and enjoy the experience. We will take care of everything else.
Coachee Support Team

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