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All of our coaches are members of one of the major coaching organizations. They are certified, completed a minimum of 500 hours of coaching and thereby provide quality professional knowledge of coaching in various industries.

All of our coaches are selected according to a comprehensive, five-stage selection process and are continually monitored in their coaching work through session ratings and supervision.

Coaches with Certifications from

Our Qualification Criteria


of one of the leading coaching associations

Years of Experience

>6 years of experience as a manager in relevant industry

Coaching Expertise

with at least 500 coaching hours, usually >1,000 hours

Top Ratings

with average session rating of at least 4.5 out of 5

Digitale DNA

and excellent handling of digital solutions

Coaching Mindset

with resource-activating, solution-oriented attitude

Our proven qualification process

Top 5%

Qualification Screening

From a large number of applications, we rigorously sort out according to our high quality standards and carefully check the fulfilment of our criteria on every candidate.

Evaluation of Competencies and Certifications

The next step is to take a closer look at training certificates, credentials and references and check whether they are up-to-date, genuine and recognized.

Personal Interview

Experience, knowledge and attitudes are tested in a comprehensive live interview. Here we focus particularly on the inner attitude of the coach and their individual values.

Live Coaching

In a real coaching session, the abilities and methodical knowledge of the coaches as well as the personal coaching style are examined more closely and tested in practice.

Continuous Quality Assurance

Through continuous evaluation of coaching sessions, training in accordance to our approach and supervision by our experienced senior coaches, we can ensure quality on an ongoing basis.

Global coach pool with local expertise

Our pool of over 200 certified top business coaches located on 6 continents, supporting our clients in over 22 languages is daily growing.

Selection of our Business Coaches

Coach Nadja
Coach Introduction


Business & Leadership Coach, Digital Transformation Expert

With over 7 years of management experience at the most innovative tech companies in Germany, Nadja is an expert in agile transformation and agile work. As a certified systemic business and leadership coach, Nadja supports executives in scaling their business, promoting agile work, developing employees’ strengths and establishing a culture that promotes knowledge sharing and innovation.

“Nadja quickly recognized the challenges in leadership issues and change processes and helped me to look at them from a different perspective. She is hands-on, I was able to implement the solutions directly, they were easy to implement and sustainable."

CoachHub Coachee

Coach Introduction


Business & Management Coach & Digital Transformation Expert

In over 16 years, Maik acquired a comprehensive professional background in management and consulting positions with well-known companies. He supports specialists and executives as a Business Coach, instructor and as a professional troublemaker with a straigh-forward style.

“Maik quickly understands relevant issues concerning leadership and personality. He has helped me immensely to resolve a critical management situation effectively and to grow personally from it.”

CoachHub Coachee

Coach Introduction


Systemic Consultant & Business Coach

Tanja’s consulting background, her international project and leadership experience and her systematic approach enables her to develop a deep understanding of the diverse concerns of her clients and to support individuals in aligning, strengthening and developing resources with clear goals.

“Tanja manages, through her warm hearted and professional manner, to always show me new perspectives and inspire me to new solutions. Without realizing it, she manages to lure me out of my comfort zone and invite me to try out new behaviours.”

CoachHub Coachee

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