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Coachhub is the “mobile coaching cloud” and enables  personalized coaching for employees of all career levels. A pool of top coaches from all over Europe and the applications available for access from web and smartphone allow live coaching sessions via video conferencing. This way we prepare managers for better leadership, teams for better group performances and employees for personal and professional growth.

Our vision is a personal coach for every employee, who accompanies him or her as a guide and measurably advances their accomplishments. Our 20-person team in the heart of Berlin consists of experienced business coaches, personnel development experts, digital serial entrepreneurs and leading IT engineers.

Our core values


Speed is our key to lasting success


We are flexible and adapt to new requirements on a daily basis


We have the courage to think outside the box


We have our sights firmly set on our goal and prioritize rigorously


It’s about getting things done, no excuses


We are hungry for success - for our clients and coaches


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