What does Diversity, Equity & Inclusion mean for us at CoachHub?

 It’s pretty simple – we want to empower each and every one of our CoachHubbers to live by the mantra ‘Be You!’

We are enormously proud that CoachHub’s democratization of coaching supports diverse communities around the world in exploring their greater selves. We believe that coaching provides support in overcoming the barriers to achieving equitable outcomes in the working world.


While things are starting to move in the right direction in terms of equal representation at work, there is still a way to go, and that is why Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is one of our key strategic topics as we grow into a truly global organization. Central to this topic is the desire to make sure that CoachHub is a place where the full spectrum of diverse communities will be welcome, have their voices heard and their merits recognized and rewarded.

CoachHub’s vision is a dedicated coach for every employee – regardless of their career level or where they work in the world. At the very heart of this is the idea that every individual brings their own background, own perspective, own way of being, and in doing so enriches the greater whole. This is the spirit with which we are approaching Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at CoachHub.
– Matti & Yannis Niebelschütz

How do we do it?

Annual gender pay gap analysis
Hiring of diverse communities across both employee & coach stakeholder groups
Inclusive, non-religious company celebrations
Access to gender neutral bathrooms
Barrier-free offices
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion statement

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion statement

CoachHub is committed to fostering diversity among its employees, coaches and coachees by recognizing, respecting, and supporting individual differences across all dimensions of diversity including – but not limited to – race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, nationality, physical abilities, neurodiversity, relationship status, religious beliefs and political beliefs. CoachHub strives to be an inclusive, equitable and inspiring workplace for all of our global CoachHubbers.

Read our Diversity Policy here.


We are always open to learning when it comes to how to best support diverse communities - whether that be for our employees, coaches or coachees.


How could we improve on our efforts or collaborate together?


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