June 18, 2021

CoachHub are thrilled to announce that Peter Keppelmueller has joined CoachHub’s Advisory Board – a team composed of accomplished HR and digital transformation experts offering innovative advice and dynamic perspectives in the HR and digital space. We caught up with Peter to learn more about his background and why he decided to join the CoachHub team.

Peter, can you share with our readers a little about your background and who you are?

I am Peter Keppelmueller, 48 years old and Austrian national. Married, proud father of  two daughters, currently based in Amsterdam working as a Senior Director Global HR at  Zumtobel  Clinical and organizational psychologist by education, curious by nature and open to the world. 

What is your area of expertise? 

For more than 15 years, I have been working in international HR executive and  leadership roles most of the time in the FMCG sector, with a focus on emerging and  developed markets mainly in Europe. I am experienced in a broad array of business  environments, including high growth, post-merger integration and business  turnarounds. Alongside HR, I held several supervisory board memberships, fostering  my professional growth and the ability to understand different stakeholder perspectives  in business. 

Over the years, applying my psychological background in the workplace turned out to  be a really useful way to look at business and particularly at the interactive relationship  of Leadership, Organizational Culture and Performance. This area is not only truly  exciting, but also offers powerful means to support organizations and professionals becoming more efficient, resilient and better equipped to our fast changing  environment. 

Why are you a firm believer in coaching? Particularly for your area of  expertise/certain use case? 

I think a lot of leaders, managers, employees are living in a state of constant  overstimulation, in a kind of multi-screen environment – and the world is not going to  slow down – also not after this Pandemic we are now in.  

Coaching can provide the space for reflection; it helps expanding insights on  perspectives on HOW we can see business or people issues or challenges around us.  It helps us to path the way on solutions. Coaching can also help realizing what capacity  we have in ourselves which maybe hasn’t been discovered yet. I think this is why we  need coaching today more than ever, also outside the business world. 

Why have you joined CoachHub’s advisory board? 

I felt attracted to the purpose of CoachHub right away. Democratising coaching, the ‘digital’ route to market and opening up professional coaching to a wide range of  employees and leaders and people who can benefit from it. 

What are you excited about for your partnership? 

I look very much forward to working with a diverse, enthusiastic group of professionals,  exchanging knowledge, applying critical thinking and, last but not least, further scale  up CoachHub in order to meet the huge demand for digital coaching.