June 17, 2021

CoachHub are thrilled to announce that Peter Holmark has joined CoachHub’s Advisory Board – a team composed of accomplished HR and digital transformation experts offering innovative advice and dynamic perspectives in the HR and digital space. We caught up with Peter to learn more about his background and why he decided to join the CoachHub team.

Peter, can you share with our readers a little about your background and who you are?

I am originally from Denmark, that’s where I grew up and did my Bachelor and Master in science focusing on enterprise systems. I am curious by nature, so getting under the hood of how companies function was really interesting for me. 

Early in my work career I did project management of big infrastructure projects and learned early on that success is not just technical, how you work with people and how you listen to all the ideas around the table is what makes the project successful and come in within budget and time. Later I started to work internationally as consultant advising on and solving challenges when big contracts got stuck. Again I found that people and communication trumped the legal letters in the contracts for most cases.

I took my learnings into my work managing big service organisations and it helped me expand the business in Europe, Middle East and Africa as well as managing some tough turn around projects in Eastern Europe. I also started to enjoy living in another country and getting the cultural dimension into how I work whether living in Austria, Belgium, Germany or Ukraine.

At a point I was really fed up with the HR support I got to manage the business. I thought I could do it better and turned the frustration into action. I moved into an HR Business partner role. It went well and I started a new career track doing various HR business partner roles, HR director roles and Talent, Leadership and Organisational Development both in a region and global capacity. 

Building on the people part of success and my natural inclination towards a coaching leadership style, I founded my own company focusing on coaching, consulting and mentoring. I topped up my various coaching educations with an ICF accreditation and scaled the company in 2020 to running it full time.

What is your area of expertise?

In essence I orchestrate winning people performance that makes business successful. I understand business and I understand the people side of it. When I am are in situations where I work at the cross road between these two, I really find I add value. I have a lot of international experience, so when culture is part of the challenge executives face, I am able to add a lot of value. I have very hands on coaching and work experience in the construction, telecom, media, infrastructure, FMCG and power utility business.

Why are you a firm believer in coaching? Particularly for your area of expertise/certain use case?

I believe as a starting point people are whole and can solve most of their challenges by themselves. Through coaching I see how adding new perspectives, sound boarding and challenge the current thinking, leaders I work with not only solve their challenges mostly by themselves, they also elevate their thinking to the next level. This enables them to even solve bigger challenges and have a greater impact on the business they lead.

Why have you joined CoachHub’s advisory board?

I like the mission of Coachhub democratising coaching. The more leaders who can benefit from coaching either by being coached through solving bigger challenges they face leading the business or themselves applying a coaching leadership style to empower and grow their teams the better. Coachhub is uniquely positioned with our solutions to help on that. While the team does a fantastic job working with existing and new customers fulfilling that mission, I see myself helping by bringing in new perspectives and sharing my experience. I hope I can add some value for us to grow the business in a sustainable way.

What are you excited about for your partnership?

What excites me is that the mission of Coachhub very much comes to live when I look at the solutions we have and the team setup. It’s truly a customer first approach we take which is exactly the mindset you need to have – success is the success of the customer. I think we can scale up the business well with this setup and when we meet customers on their transformation journey and add the Coachhub offering we can help the, be very successful.