June 22, 2021

CoachHub are thrilled to announce that Michael Mead has joined CoachHub’s Advisory Board – a team composed of accomplished HR and digital transformation experts offering innovative advice and dynamic perspectives in the HR and digital space. We caught up with Michael to learn more about his background and why he decided to join the CoachHub team.

Michael, can you share with our readers a little about your background and who you are?

I have worked for over 20 years in professional services (Deloitte & Arthur Andersen), as well as being a teacher and working for a start-up – all experiences I can draw on as an Executive Coach. In addition, this experience includes working in corporate, professional services and not-for-profit companies.  My goal is to collaborate with my clients to develop and enhance their networking, business development and leadership skills – all things that are the foundation of a successful career.  I am also active on providing pro-bono services at non-for-profits such as Ashoka and Studio Museum – this has given me a perspective on the value of coaching for even the most junior person in an organization.

What is your area of expertise?

I am an Executive Coach who works with a broad range of clients. The focus of my practice is to help executives strengthen their management skills and grow their business by enhancing their networking, collaboration, business development and strategy skills. 

Why are you a firm believer in coaching? Particularly for your area of expertise/certain use case?

The benefits of coaching are significant, and as we all know, has become almost a requirement since it has shown that coaching can positively affect one’s career.  It enables individuals to design and establish a plan that focuses on their own development and become better manages.  Coaching will improve performance, develop increased self-confidence, and enhance effective communication skills. As an organization, providing coaching will contribute and increase the effectiveness and success to one’s team and the organization as well. 

I have extensive experience in helping leaders transitioning into a new position or a promotion.  I am also certified in Smart Collaboration, “A Strengths-based Approach to Behavioral Change”.  This approach to collaboration was developed by Dr. Heidi Gardner, who wrote the book, “Smart Collaboration: How Professionals and Their Firms Succeed by Breaking Down Silos”. She was a professor of Organizational Behavior at Harvard Business School.

Why have you joined CoachHub’s advisory board? 

I was fortunate to be contacted by Matti & Yannis when we discussed coaching and my experience. I was extremely impressed by the success of their platform and business goals as I have become extremely interested in making coaching more available throughout a company’s organization. As we know, coaching is primarily available to senior executives and the idea of expanding coaching to all employees within an organization is something I am very enthusiastic about.  As a mentor to many younger people, I wanted to do what I could in providing opportunities to this group of professionals to experience coaching.

What are you excited about for your partnership?

I am particularly excited about CoachHub’s entry into the US market as I have been involved with being part of such an effort during my career. I am hoping I can use this knowledge and experience to help CoachHub duplicate their success here in the US.  I have extensive business network that I hope can also make for a more efficient entry into the US market.