June 30, 2021

CoachHub are thrilled to announce that Gabrielle Botelho has joined CoachHub’s Advisory Board – a team composed of accomplished HR and digital transformation experts offering innovative advice and dynamic perspectives in the HR and digital space. We caught up with Gabrielle to learn more about her background and why she decided to join the CoachHub team.

Gabrielle, can you share with our readers a little about your background and who you are?

I am Brazilian and I live in the Rio de Janeiro city. I have more than fifteen years of experience in HR, which have allowed me to grow and develop personally and as a leader. 

I am currently the HR Director for South America at CGG, where I am leading several HR initiatives to develop a people-centric, high-performance organization that emphasizes lifelong learning and innovation.

Prior to CGG I worked at Equinor (formerly Statoil) in different HR managerial positions. In my last role, I was in charge of Organization & Leadership Development working on build the capabilities for the future, digital transformation and DE&I. Before Equinor, I was a Senior HR Manager at L’Oréal Brazil.   

I studied Psychology at Rio de Janeiro Federal University and I hold a MBA in Business from FGV-Rio. I am currently pursuing a Strategic Human Resources Master’s degree from London School and a MBA in Positive Phycology from PUCRS in Brazil.

What is your area of expertise?

In the last years I have been involved in local and global projects on Talent management, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Digital transformation. 

I’m columnist at HR Exchange Network site, where I write about emotional intelligence and my line of studying also includes the people centric organization model and DE&I discipline, as mentioned before. During 2020, I had the honor to be the first Brazilian speaking at The HR Congress and it was about “DE&I as a Key pillar of Employer Brand” that afterwards became an article published by HRD Connect website in UK. 

My work in the area has been recognized internationally and it was already published in countries like Brazil, Portugal, UK, USA, Italy, Belgium, India, and Sri Lanka.

Why are you a firm believer in coaching? Particularly for your area of expertise/certain use case?

Early in my career I started to work with coaching methodology. I developed and implemented executive coaching programs and coaching trainings in all organizations I worked for. In this sense, I could see in practical terms, how any professional, not only executives, could benefit from it.

Therefore, I strong believe that coaching helps HR to build a learning culture in the organization, being a vital part of a learning and development strategy.  

Why have you joined CoachHub’s advisory board?

When we talk about coaching, people’s first thoughts are: “It is too expensive”, “It is a long process”, “It requires a lot of time” … Therefore, some people still do not understand its importance and how flexible a coaching process  can be. 

I see that CoachHub brings an innovative approach, creating an open environment to employees from all levels in the organization, to learn and develop others through coaching, on daily basis. The platform communicates very well with employee’s new generation and the use of an app makes a coaching session more accessible and flexible.

What are you excited about for your partnership?

I consider myself a lifelong learner. I am always eager to learn more about new cultures, business and design new concepts and models that could add value and make the difference not only to our companies, but also to our society. 

In this sense, I think my purpose is aligned with CoachHub’s mission, so I could not be more excited to be part of this advisory board.