June 15, 2021

CoachHub are thrilled to announce that Birgit Maillefaud has joined CoachHub’s Advisory Board – a team composed of accomplished HR and digital transformation experts offering innovative advice and dynamic perspectives in the HR and digital space. We caught up with Birgit to learn more about her background and why she decided to join the CoachHub team.

Birgit, can you tell our readers who you are and what your area of expertise is?

I am an HR & Business executive with 20+ years of experience combined in HR and Sales/Marketing leadership roles both B2C and B2B, over the past years focusing on organization transformation in the digital era. I have been fortunate to enjoy a diverse growth path at Procter & Gamble and Coty, before joining Logitech as Head of HR, based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Combining both commercial perspective and broad-based HR experience, I focus on the re-imagining of the next powerhouse capabilities for the Company’s future long term growth.

I am passionate about building organization and leadership capability in today’s world of constant change such that company and individual purpose meet, and people grow in a way that is meaningful to them.

I love bringing teams together in dynamic, multi-cultural environments, where everybody brings their best self to achieve positive impact on the business and organization, and ultimately society and our planet. My personal interest  is in new technology and how it impacts our daily lives professionally and personally today and in the future.

Why are you a firm believer in coaching?

Being a leadership coach myself, I am a firm believer in and witness across my professional career of the transformational power it can have, and in particular at times of unprecedented levels of change like today.

In today’s world, learning becomes more important than knowing, and coaching is a key enabler and driver to turn learning into new and lasting skills. For any company to last, it becomes critical to move from a culture of success to a learning culture. 

Why have you joined CoachHub’s Advisory Board?

CoachHub’s approach is able to step change the impact of coaching to transform a company culture, as it democratizes, personalizes and destigmatizes coaching, making it accessible to a wider public. I can see endless possibilities.

Why are you excited about this partnership?

I am excited to support Coach Hub in enabling meaningful personal growth and future focused organization capability, while caring for the people and the environment we live in.