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After The Promotion: Why HR Must Prioritize The Development of Soft Skills Over Hard Skills

Recruiting for fit is all the rage in HR circles. Focusing on culture over expertise ...

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5 Reasons Performance Reviews Are Outdated

The business world is overflowing with three-word phrases that nobody quite understands. From "outside the ...

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Micromanagement: How To Solve The Problem Every Employee Hates

Every company wants high-performing employees. They dream of teams of empowered-decision makers. High engagement and ...

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Going Through a Reorg? Three Ways to Quell Employee Fears and Boost Morale

If it feels like your company is continuously going through round after round of reorgs, ...

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4 Ways Personalized Coaching Can Improve Team Bonds and Minimize Stress

Stress. It's the scourge of the modern workplace. While work has always been demanding, the ...

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The 7 Biggest Mistakes First-Time Managers Make That Drive Employees Away

Transitioning from being an employee to a first-time manager is unquestionably gratifying, but also one ...

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€16m for European expansion – HV Holtzbrinck Ventures, Partech, RTP Global and Speedinvest x invest a further ten million euros

Berlin, Tuesday 12th of November 2019 CoachHub has closed a €10M funding round, from existing ...

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