Why CoachHub?

Expand your sphere of<br />

Expand your sphere of

CoachHub enables people to benefit from coaching as early as possible in their career in order to achieve the greatest effect

Use the latest coaching technology to transform the growth and development of your clients and boost your personal relationships and self-reflection

…have plenty of fun in the<br />

…have plenty of fun in the

CoachHub clients strive to grow – you’ll most likely be the first coach they’ve ever had.

Our technology and infrastructure relieve you and allow you to concentrate on what really matters: Helping people discover their best selves

What flexible coaching<br />

What flexible coaching

Our coaches work 100% flexible

Self-selection of hours which allows a portfolio of different clients

Interesting clients who want to grow as a person and who appreciate you in your role as a coach

…and coming together as a<br />

…and coming together as a

Build relationships with other experts who share your passion for coaching

Ongoing customer feedback offers you a constant flow of development opportunities

In exchange with other coaches and clients, valuable recommendations, suggestions and inspirations emerge

Our Qualification Criteria:

from one of the leading coaching associations
Years of Experience
> 6 years of experience as a manager in the relevant industry
Top Rated.
with average session rating of at least 4.5 out of 5
Digital DNA.
and excellent handling of digital solutions
Coaching Expertise
with at least 500 coaching hours, usually > 1,000 hours
Coaching Mindset
with resource-activating, solution-oriented attitude
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