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Apply as a coach at CoachHub and benefit from our long-term relationships with the largest companies in Germany, Europe and the world. Flexible coaching times. Location-independent. Interesting clients. Innovative software.

CoachHub – Coaching made simple


Why CoachHub?

Expand your Sphere of Influence …
  • CoachHub enables people to benefit from coaching as early as possible in their career in order to achieve the greatest effect
  • Use the latest coaching technology to transform the growth and development of your clients and boost your personal relationships and self-reflection
… have plenty of fun in the process!
  • CoachHub clients strive to grow – you'll most likely be the first coach they've ever had.
  • Our technology and infrastructure relieve you and allow you to concentrate on what really matters: Helping people discover their best selves

What flexible coaching means …
  • Our coaches work 100% flexible
  • Self-selection of hours which allows a portfolio of different clients
  • Interesting clients who want to grow as a person and who appreciate you in your role as a coach
… and coming together as a community
  • Build relationships with other experts who share your passion for coaching
  • Ongoing customer feedback offers you a constant flow of development opportunities
  • In exchange with other coaches and clients, valuable recommendations, suggestions and inspirations emerge
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