Advantages through CoachHub

For your employees

Each of your employees selects their own dedicated coach. Coach and coachee connect through our app or on desktop, manage their focus areas, complete micro-learnings, set goals and measure their success. Everything is undertaken and stored in-app – convenient and highly customizable.

Coaching from a certified business coach

Coaching from a certified business coach

In-app or desktop video coaching sessions

In-app or desktop video coaching sessions

In-app micro-learnings to enhance and deepen session work

In-app micro-learnings to enhance and deepen session work

Measurable empowerment of individual competencies

Measurable empowerment of individual competencies

For your company

Digital coaching with CoachHub ensures satisfied, engaged and productive employees who actively transform your organization and influence your bottom line.

Increase the efficiency of your employees

Enhance and develop business-critical soft skills to greatly increase efficiency.

Boost employee satisfaction and retention

Retain and attract top talent with an employee development strategy that truly benefits individuals.


In times of rapid change, coaching helps produce resilient, agile and change-proof team leaders.

Investment transparency and measurability

Track and measure employee development and ROI.

Designed for employees at every stage

Our vision is a coach for every employee. Executive-level coaching for everyone.

New and experienced managers

New and experienced managers

High potentials and future leaders

High potentials and future leaders

Employees in times of change and transition

Employees in times of change and transition

Remote or decentralized employees

Remote or decentralized employees

How we help transform your business

CoachHub helps your company to implement coaching as a strategic people development measure and to offer your employees location independence and flexibility.

Performance and engagement

Performance and engagement

Upgrade outdated learning formats to create high performing teams

Companies that can foster a growth mindset, (use stretch assignments, and openly discuss mistakes to support learning) and embrace the digital transformation of learning and development, significantly increase their performance are three times more profitable

70% of coachees report improved work performance

96% of coachees are highly engaged (compared to 30% of employees are engaged with current elearning platforms)

88% of coachees report goal attainment through CoachHub (compared to classroom training where only 15% of employees report an increase in performance and attainment)

4x higher earnings per share growth rate for companies with highly engaged workforces

Business Transformation & Agile Workforces

Business Transformation & Agile Workforces

Business transformation starts with your people.

84% of Transformations fail due to people reasons (McKinsey, 2019). New values, ways of working and ways of thinking are activated by ongoing reflection and development through individual coaching,  which are needed in the (digital/agile) transformation. 

Most agile transformations fail due to poor people management skills, different management styles and middle management (USC, 2020). 

CoachHub can complement the mix of agile coaches & workshops and can create sub pools of experienced transformation coaches

85% of managers who have received coaching outperform their peers in soft skills such as agility and resilience 

256% ROI for companies who invest in resilience and agility

91% success rate of the transformation of teams where managers were coached in a 1:1 setting (compared to 30% success rate where no 1:1 coaching was received)

2x increase in effectiveness when using coaching (over alternative e-learning formats) to lead an agile culture transformation

Talent Development

Talent Development

Modernize your L&D portfolio to drive business results

Many of our clients integrate CoachHub as a crucial part into their development programs to offer participants the possibility to reflect with a neutral professional how to implement the standard modules into their own context. 

To ensure the sustainability/transfer of learning, CoachHub is also offered as a follow-up to programs as that’s when employees are by themselves and need the individual support. 

83% of coachees have learned and grown significantly through the coaching

80% of coachees have learned new competencies useful for their profession

95% of CoachHub clients would use their education budget to continue using CoachHub

24% higher profit margin for companies who invest in talent development

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Achieve long lasting behavioral change to enable a culture of diversity & inclusion

Creating diverse and inclusive workforces involves helping coachees increase the reflective space that helps them become more self-reflective and aware of unconscious biases. 

Being cognizant empowers employees to comprehend the negative feelings associated with exclusion, while also providing the psychological room to process and understand today’s hypercomplex business and societal landscape. 

Coaching is the only way to achieve long lasting behavioral change for inclusive behaviors.

91% of coachees increased their self reflection and awareness

84% of coachees have gained new perspectives

96% of coachees see behavioral change after 12 months of coaching

56% increase in job performance for employees with a strong sense of belonging

167% increase in employee promoter score, for organizations who create a sense of belonging

Wellbeing & Self Actualization

Wellbeing & Self Actualization

Ensure psychological safety for your teams with a personalized coaching program

For your teams: Coaching help employees  gain self-confidence, to have an attentive ear to confide in. It also allows employees to come back to situations that are not always possible to analyze with the manager afterwards. 

For management: Management are under pressure to respond to conflicting demands and attending to every team member’s needs could quickly exhaust the capacity of managers. Coaching is a powerful tool to help provide management the support they need, in particular to remain resilient and agile.

91% of coacheess increase their sense of purpose after digital coaching

80% of coachees decrease their stress by an average of 18%

4x higher profit for companies who invest in employee wellbeing

20% higher productivity and innovation for companies who invest in employee wellbeing

Leadership Development for the New Ways of Work

Leadership Development for the New Ways of Work

Modernize your leadership development programs

Young managers and high potentials are actively in demand to advance and transform their organizations from within.

New leadership styles focusing on soft skills are required for the new ways of work.

CoachHub offers on-demand, location-independent digital coaching and e-learning to meet the demands of today’s workforce.

77% of top managers report soft skills as biggest weakness despite training

85% of top managers who receive coaching perform better than their peers in soft skills

80% of coachees agree they have gained competencies useful for their profession

27% increase in profits for companies who develop soft skills

Employee Experience & Retention

Employee Experience & Retention

A person-centered employee experience that boosts engagement and retention

Coaching is an agile, person-centered, goal-oriented employee development method that fits and adapts to the new world of work and employee experience.

Career development and flexible working are the two increasingly cited as the most valued benefits an organization can offer.

Offering an individual and personalized digital coaching experience addresses both of these and will have a significant impact on your retention rates.

96% of CoachHub users are engaged (compared to only 30% engagement with with current e-learning platforms )

87% of CoachHub users agree that the flexibility in time and location provided an individual added value

32% increase of retention for companies who offer coaching

21% higher profitability for companies who invest in employee experience

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