Sustainable people development
through individual coaching.

Coaching is proven to be the most effective people development tool to ensure long-term behavioral changes and the to reach the learning objective. Our digital coaching solution enables personalized coaching for employees of all career levels. Get to know the advantages of CoachHub for your employees and for your company.

Benefits of using CoachHub for your employees

With CoachHub, every employee always has its personal coach with it. In our Coaching-App your employees meet with their coach, manage their learning units, set goals and measure their success. All in one place and highly customized.
Personal support from a business coach
Ongoing video coaching session
Enhanced Mirco-Learning activities in the app
Measurable improvements of individual competencies

Advantages for your company through scalable coaching

Coaching with CoachHub offers the optimal basis for satisfied and productive employees who can measurably advance your company. We thoroughly illustrate the success of coaching for your organisation.

Increase the efficiency of your employees

Strengthen the skills of your employees and make teams more efficient.

Successful Transformation

In times of constant change, individual coaching promotes successful adaptation.

Employee retention and satisfaction

Offer your employees sustainable development opportunities.

Transparency and measurability

Individual coaching with CoachHub offers full measurability and budget transparency.

Importance for various groups of employees

Our goal is to have a relevant personalized coach for every employee. We bring your employees of all career levels together with our top coaches.
Manager with personnel responsibility or in new positions
High potentials and future leaders
Employees in times of change
Scattered or decentralized employees

Does our solution fit your company?

CoachHub helps your company to implement coaching as a strategic people development instrument and to offer your employees location independence and flexibility.
Learning landscapes and leadership programs

Learning and continuous development are becoming increasingly important in our agile world. Above all, young managers and high potentials are in demand to actively participate and to advance their companies through their own ideas and initiatives. With a well-established position in the training landscape, coaching will make an increasingly impactful contribution in the coming years. Also as an additional element of an e-learning portfolio, an integrated solution can help to sustainably implement what has been learned - with an experienced sparring partner at your side. In this way, young managers are optimally equipped to meet the demands of today's working world.

Transformation and Change

Transformation and change can confront companies with unexpected challenges. When structures change, new branches or markets are opened up and resulting in transforming structures, agile training formats are required. While supporting the processes, these formats should also adapt individually to the stakeholders. Particularly when managers are faced with special key roles, individualized support methods are needed to help them meet their new challenges and reach their full potential.

Benefits Portfolio

Although coaching is a comparatively new concept among the proven HR development tools, the evidence speaks for itself. Numerous meta-analyses show an effect comparable to that of training. In addition, the transfer of coaching can be secured more easily, especially with integrated variants. Some recent studies, for example by Kienbaum and Kununu, reveals that employees are willing to accept up to 11% less salary if they are offered training such as coaching - an enormous plus for motivation and employee retention.

New Work and Employee Experience

As Google's data suggest, coaching and other similar methods of training are increasingly turning into long-term training and optimisation projects. It is not seen as an emergency plan but rather as a way of supporting employees in their professional development and organisational commitment. Our solution helps to modernize the HR process in order to guarantee an optimal employee experience.

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